Friday, March 16, 2012

A Friday Funny

Lifeway's A Novel Bookshelf asks "What is the most interesting experience you’ve had while doing research for a novel?"

When I was working on the Courageous novel, I spent some time at a local bookstore writing and doing research. At one point I was standing in a low traffic area, thinking no one was nearby who could hear me. But I turned around and saw this woman six feet away staring at me just after I had asked my police friend on the phone this exact question (no kidding): “So since I can’t use a heroin overdose to kill him, and I have to go with either crystal meth or powder cocaine, which would you advise that I use?”

The woman then pretended she hadn’t heard me, and quickly disappeared. (I just hope she doesn’t attend my church!) An hour later, and no cop had showed up to arrest me. I’m kind of amazed that this woman didn’t call in my description to the police when she got home, after wrestling with her conscience or talking to her husband. In which case, this story would have been entered as evidence.
- Randy Alcorn, author of Courageous Novelization

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