Sunday, February 19, 2012

For A Thousand Generations by Scott Higginbotham

Review by ~Mary

As author Scott Higginbotham introduces his audience to those whom he fondly dubbed "the stoogettes" (aka Elizabeth, Marian and Catherine) and although he allows William and Lady Margot to have supporting roles, it is Edward and Caitlyn that carry the story. In For A Thousand Generations, Edward Leaver is a 21st century self described bachelor, contemplating the fact that he will never meet the right girl on January 1st of 2012. He is also seeking that which is basic to all people- a sense of significance. When he goes to the Georgia Mountains for a reprieve, his misfortune manifests itself in an accident that results in him waking up in the year 1347. It is here that he meets and falls in love with his soul mate, Caitlyn. But nothing is less than complicated for Edward as he navigates 14th century life, trying to fit in without giving away the fact that he just showed up with no real past and no knowledge of a future. True to Higginbotham’s writing style, he allows Edward to work through one disaster after another, changing himself and others that have the good fortune to cross his path. As the reader soon learns, God is in everything and does nothing half way. When Edward awakens back in the year 2012, he wonders about Caitlyn and the fact that he had been given a chance to remake his life, only to have it all disappear. Was she real or just a dream? If it was simply a dream, then why has his whole outlook undergone such a dramatic transformation? He travels the world to find her and some answers, and in the process, completes his pilgrimage.

The good parts are watching Edward explain his cell phone and sunglasses and other modern day conveniences to his new found friends. In fact, watching Edward do anything the 14th century way is entertaining to say the least. The best parts are seeing Edward mess up, yet, watch as God unfolds a beautiful plan in spite of Edward. And don't worry, the ending holds a classic Higginbotham twist. Just when you believe the story couldn't get any better, he digs in and performs a stroke of writing genius that leaves you spellbound. And, hungry for the next novel.

The aspects I treasured the most were the humor, the well-developed characters, the suspense and hair raising twists. Higginbotham reveals yet another gift in that his novel is full of romance and passion in a Godly way and you are drawn in and tightly bound to the story until the last page.

This novel is for readers like me that love to get lost in a good, wholesome, entertaining story that reveals God’s goodness. Higginbotham captures the true art of writing with a reason; his stories are pure gold. You finish reading them with a better understanding of God, life, everything.

Press Release
Imagine having the opportunity to remake your life.

Edward Leaver has had enough. At times, he’s aimless, drifting along life’s currents. He knows what he wants, but purpose and direction, a sense of fulfillment, eternal significance for his life, and someone with whom to grow old are elusive. However, a hike in the Georgia foothills begins his journey of rebirth. God has His ways of getting Edward’s attention as a misstep plunges him into 14th century England.

It is there that he learns that people are essentially similar regardless of time and location. They have hurts, hopes, and dreams. There are those that are imperfect in form, those that think they “have it all”, and those with little more than despair that populate his milieu. It is against this backdrop that he experiences his renewal.

With his quick wit, tongue in cheek humor, and humorous gaffes, Edward navigates the vagaries and drama of medieval life, doing his best to live his faith by his actions in the Europe of the Middle Ages.
But there is Caitlyn.

She is his perfect counterbalance; they are knitted together by God’s hand for a purpose that speaks today. Unknowingly, he sets in motion seeds of change wherever he goes, positive change that reaches across time. But will the gulf of time eventually separate them?

God’s purposes are for a thousand generations.
And love never fails.

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