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Almost Out Of Grace by Dr. David Yanez

Recommended reading for Valentine's Day!

Reviewed by ~Mary

After the bended knee proposal and ceremonial crowning of the ring finger, and somewhere between a heartily shouted "Yes!" and "I Do!", most couples will find themselves going through the rite of passage called pre-marital counseling. Let's be honest, here. Most of the time, all the "counselling" sessions amount to is the fulfillment of an obligation to becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Looking back on my experience, we left each session arguing about something that had been revealed instead of feeling armed and prepared for the future. I remember the time our minister looked at me and said, (in his own words) "If you see him standing on a street corner talking to an attractive woman, don't jump to conclusions." Because he never looked at my groom-to-be and gave him the same advice, I felt a little cheated. When talking to other couples regarding their experience, they echoed my sentiments. They felt cheated. They didn't get anything out of the sessions. In their opinion, it was a waste of time.

The concept of premarital counseling has its merits. If you know some of the challenges you will encounter ahead of time, you can better prepare for them instead of opting out of your union, which is what half of married couples do.

Imagine the impact if, during a counselling session (premarital or couples) the minister asked, "Have you ever felt that you let God down in the way you handled your dating or marriage relationship?" Now there's a question that will transpose the emotions of a couple, which is where the marital union truly lies. Lecturing on the topic of commitment is exaggerated. Discussing the emotional level of relationships? Worth more than that priceless American Express in your wallet.

Author Dr. David Yanez explains complex emotional behaviors in his book titled Almost Out Of Grace. They cover, but are not limited to:

Desire-God given, in spite of how man acts on it, and how to let go when you desire the wrong one

Real Romance and how to tell the difference

Identifying a "trophy" when you see one

Learning to love and commit happily-ever-after (I love the anecdote Yanez uses concerning the movie An Affair to Remember)

He also addresses a large audience when he describes some of the hurts you can and will encounter while gently affirming the reader that they are beautiful, with purpose, and that they can have a great marriage even with a less-than-ideal partner. He also cautions against a relationship that is harmful; think controlling, threatening, fear-producing and discouraging.

I mentioned earlier that lecturing on commitment is overrated, yet when Yanez devotes the last section of his book to that very topic, it is refreshing. He praises the blessing of finding a spouse and best friend for life and unashamedly devotes an entire chapter to keepin' that lovin' feeling alive. He goes on to advise on how to deal with ghosts from former flames that refuse to die.

Ask any couple that have logged time together married and they will nod in agreement that these are the issues that young couples in love need to hear and be talking about, not just the trust and commitment factor.

Above all else, Almost Out Of Grace is a reminder that even if you didn't start out on a Godly path, it's never too late. He forgives, He restores and He says 'It's time to move on.' In essence, between the lines of prevention, Yanez wants his alternate audience to be assured that this is for you, too.

To punctuate his dissertation, Yanez reminds the Christian reader that our responsibility is to love one another with a love that is made complete through patience and grace, and that is a counseling session the church as a whole would benefit by attending.

David Yanez is a leading faith and spiritual entrepreneur for the gospel reaching the world through preaching, media, books, missions and broadcasting. Founder of Revelation Ministries, which operates David Yanez Ministries, a global missions and healing service ministry. RevMedia Network an online broadcasting ministry reaching millions, RevMedia Publishing a Christian publishing ministry reaching the world with books and magazines through printed and digital editions, and RevLife a global orphanage ministry and feed program.

Dr. David Yanez "The Rev" has been preaching the gospel since he was sixteen years old. God has used him in the Navy and throughout our nation to deliver healing, hope and salvation to many. In his early twenties he interned with a missions ministry from India to help the 1.5 billion in India and Asia that don't know Jesus.

In his early thirties he started hosting a popular radio show called Midwatch with the Rev. Thousands listen online and through the airwaves from coast to coast.

Today he continues in ministry as a pastor, author, radio host, counselor and evangelist through the ministy he founded Revelation Ministries a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. He holds relationship webinars, seminars and conferences around the nation. Constantly involved in missions through building Bible Colleges, hosting crusades and pastor's conferences around the world through David Yanez Ministries. He is also the general station manager of Revmedia Network and Director of RevMedia Publishing both which he founded.

Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: RevMedia (April 12, 2009)
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