Sunday, January 01, 2012

Give Me A Revelation

As the year rolled over into 2012, I heard firecrackers exploding outside as the big ball in New York simultaneously dropped. Everything else was the same. Time continued just as it had before midnight. Yet, there is a feeling in the air that as a new year begins, it is a chance to start over and attempt to get it right this time.

Reflecting back over 2011, I echo the sentiments of many regarding the year; it was the best of years and the worst of years. In many ways I am content to kiss it goodbye and keep going. In all honesty, though, the worst of times in 2011 contributed to the best of times. Had I not been off my feet for months at a time due to back issues, I would never have turned to my Bible and studied it for hours a day, leading to the greatest leap in my faith walk to date. I can truly thank God for those bulging discs and credit them to a deeper spiritual experience.

In Praise and Worship service this morning, I committed my year to Him with the most appropriate song, in my opinion, to do so. (Thanks, Carlie) I want God to give me a revelation of His plans for the next 12 months, guiding this girl along on the path He has designed for me, and me alone. May your prayer this new year be the same, and may He show you the plans He has for your life.