Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Change. Balance. Hope.

Kellye, Kristen and Greg joined me on air last night and the conversation was all over the place. We talked about the benefits of working out and de-stressing, the importance of women taking care of themselves, and a special message for those facing a difficult moment in their lives. The show has been archived and you can hear it in its entirety at Revmedia Network. (Titled Kellye, Kristen and Greg) If you heard the LIVE broadcast, you will remember the following from our conversation.

Mary-We need change in our lives and sometimes the change is balance. Sometimes we just need to bring things into a good balance. Sometimes…..we are looking at the environment and who is impacting our lives and tonight I want to look inside. The Bible says that you are changed by the renewing of the mind. Change is from the inside.

Kristen-I realized that I had to make some changes for myself in order to be a good mom. My son deserved that, I mean he deserves the best. I would love to tell everyone that you have to take the time to do things for yourself in order to bring a balance into your life. At the end of the day even though I’ve taken an hour to myself to go workout or do whatever, when I get home he still knows who his mama is. He’s still going to come to me.

Mary-(speaking of working out) Some of our listeners may be thinking, why do you torture yourself? Why do you put yourself through this? I’m going to pull a Dr. Phil on you. There is a payoff. You’re doing it for some reason. What are you gaining from it?

Kristen-The main thing I’m gaining is self confidence. I have always lacked self confidence and I think a lot of women struggle with this. I have never felt this good about myself. Knowing I have done this myself-no one has helped me.

Greg-It’s hard initially. The first day, I remember that. It hurt. The next week it was easier. It’s worth it. I do it to try to lose weight, to try to get toned and also do it for the stress factor. I work in a very stressed business-the finance business.

Mary-Don’t you feel balanced all over? Tell me what that feels like.

Kristen-Over all I feel healthier. My confidence has hit the roof. I do have that determination and drive. As far as balance, I feel like that hour that I have taken out of my day for myself has helped me have more energy.

Greg-To me, I’m more active. I’m not a real fast walker but I was noticing walking back to the copier today that I’m walking faster. I have a little more pep in my step. Everywhere I go I notice it. When I went to the mall this weekend, I was walking faster.

Kristen-It helps your posture, too. I stand up straighter.

Greg-Yeah, it does. It also makes you feel more comfortable putting your clothes on. (laughing)

Mary-A lot of people that don’t work out don’t understand this. They think if you go to a gym it’s for vanity or you’re being self centered. Women are natural caregivers. We care for children, we care for our husbands and in the process, we often neglect ourselves. We put guilt on ourselves but it’s also imposed because we are taught that we are supposed to give out and we lose our identity in the process.

Kellye-We feel like we’re just supposed to take care of everyone else and we do lose our identity and I did the same thing. Sometimes we have to change our perspective and our outlook on things. We do have to take care of ourselves and it’s ok. It took me forever to get that and I am so glad that Kristen is getting it so young. It’s not a vanity thing. I Corinthians 6:19…no where in that scripture does it say that just men are to do that. What kind of example are we going to be for Him if we are sickly and barely getting around? God wants us to enjoy our life and how can we (do that) if we are always carrying the weight of world around on our shoulders? (Ecclesiastes 5:18)

Mary-You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. I want to give you hope. No matter what you feel like tonight, it’s not permanent. Everybody hurts. You are not alone. Hang on for 24 hours-24 hours can make a difference. No matter where you are tonight, you will get to the point that you can walk in the door like Kristen and Greg and there will be someone there like Kellye who will say “It’s ok. We’re going to take it from here and you will have a different life.” The change is from inside. Even though it seems dark tonight, and you don’t know how it will get better, it will get better. Hang on.