Thursday, November 17, 2011

Memorable Quotes from The Cause Within You by Matthew Barnett

If you haven't checked out Matthew Barnett's book The Cause Within You yet, here are a few reasons why you need to read his latest:

God's timing is the right timing; don't get hung up on your schedule.

Your investment in your relationship with God is the best investment you can make in the pursuit of your cause.

The urge to quit is strongest just before breakthroughs occur. Those are the times when it's most important to stay focused and committed.

Joy comes from knowing that people are better off because of the value you have added to their lives.

Prayer is critical-not the kind through which you tell God what to do but the kind through which He tells you what He is up to.

Often your cause is revealed when you are at the lowest point of the valley, not on the pinnacle of the mountain.

Focus your attention on God and people; nothing else really matters.

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