Saturday, November 12, 2011

"I Want You to Get Excited About Your Life" ~Dr. Phil

I've never been a huge Dr. Phil fan but he is responsible for making one statement that has served to motivate me more than any other through the years. His lead in voice over for the beginning of his show announces "I want you to get excited about your life!" What does excitement, or motivation, look like for me? What are the things that I do that makes me happy, energized, and excited about my life?

*An intellectually stimulating conversation. I have determined to be a life long student and actively seek out teachers that can guide me into a deeper level of thinking-especially as it relates to spirituality. In the same token, I love to listen to someone share their life story. It is exhilerating to know we all face the same issues and powerful to see how others master theirs. (It's a no brainer that I would grow up to host a talk show, right?)

*Drinking a good cup of coffee. Better yet, drinking that good cup of coffee while engaging in an intellectually stimulating conversation.

*Spending time with my family. Last year, my husband and I loaded the Titan (including both boys) and drove to Virginia to visit our oldest son and his wife for the 4th of July. On the night of, we drove around for a couple of hours, looking for a great show of fireworks and a parking spot. Finding a parking spot was harder than looking for the fireworks-noises and lights were everywhere. So we hit every drive thru imaginable-The Sonic, McDonald's, and of course Starbuck's for that late night Frap. During the course of eating and drinking and laughing at the fireworks and our inability to find a parking spot, we end up on the roof of a Five-Star hotel, parked, leaning over the railing and oohing and ahhing at fireworks for as far as the eye could see. I don't think I have ever laughed as hard or appreciated the family as much as I did that night.

*Having a good book waiting for me. Nothing is better than having a book you can't wait to jump into when you get a minute. Or better yet, to carry around the house as you do menial chores. Picking up clothes or toys off the floor with my left hand, while staring at a book in right? Guilty!

*Running. Well, it used to be. After recovering from a hard year of healing two bulging discs, I'm not sure running is in my future. Power walking and hiking will work, though. Nature is healing for me. It's also the sanctuary in which I feel and hear God speaking louder than any other place on earth.

So let me pull a Dr. Phil on you. What makes you excited about your life? In the next few weeks, you will be pressured to think about New Year's resolutions, but I don't want you to think in terms of making and breaking goals this year. Think in terms of what makes you feel content, happy and balanced. Go after those things, not temporarily and not in an all-or-nothing mindset. Much like a diet, resolutions are rarely kept long term. I'm talking about making a life change-identifying what brings energy into your life and pursuing those things.

Kellye Williams, a local personal trainer, has been on my talk show three times, now. She has brought two of her clients, Kristy and Greg, twice. I plan on having them on the show every six weeks to chronicle their weight loss and life goals. It's not that I am fanatical about weight issues, but I am fanatical about making progress in life and not being content to our detriment. Watching others set goals and achieve them is a great teacher.

This year has been an incredible one for me. I have been blessed with people who have taken me beyond my comfort zone and into a whole new arena of communication. I feel honored and humbled and sit at their feet as much as possible to continue learning. Never be satisfied with who you are until you have become what you were created to be. Seek out mentors who can lead you out of your comfort zone. It is better to be uncomfortable because you are growing instead of being uncomfortable due to complacency.

As the year winds down, take a personal inventory of who you are, who you want to be, and who can help get you there. Make a list of what excites you and go for it!