Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Right Side Up Stories Re-launching Website

Press Release

Sound the trumpets, unfurl the flags, we have announcement! We are re-launching our website for Right-Side-Up Stories!

Here’s what you’ll find there...

Story Matters Radio—our live radio show. There are two shows ready for your listening pleasure!

The Ear—a place to listen to stories from my audio, World Storytelling day, our archived Blog Talk Radio

My Blog—where I am discussing “The Gifts of Story”

Scripts By Melea—Yes, I am getting scripts of stories and other pieces ready for your theater classes and drama teams to use! The first one is called “Church For the Found.” I will try to get them onto the site in a regular fashion and let you know when there is another one to check out.

Re-Story Theater—In the Spring I began working with a group of multi-talented women. We are learning a great deal about telling the stories that matter through improv and scripted forms. The group debuts with a pre-show at my Twigger Tales Storynight & The Green Velvet Christmas Dress.

The Store—organized with topical indexes and information about every audio and book. Also, we have downloads of the six stories in “Step Inside”! You can purchase tickets for our upcoming shows—Twigger Tales Storynight, Friday, November 4th and The Green Velvet Christmas Dress Saturday and Sunday, December 17 & 18.

Right-Side-Up Stories’ upcoming shows are going to be fun and moving, at the same time! Twigger Tales involves my collection of ongoing stories about everyone’s favorite senior citizen, Ralph Twigger. He will be front and center on Friday, November 4th with new stories, R.T. Trivia, songs, Pearl’s Pies and Ralph’s favorite pick-me-up snack, along with lots of laughter and several sweet moments for my audience.

The Green Velvet Christmas Dress is an original interactive play that I have written for my theater troupe, Re-Story. There will be a moment of dessert tea in the midst of the play where the audience can interact with the characters. It is a story that will find its way past the noise and busyness of Christmas and reach into your heart.

Bring your friends and family and usher in your Christmas week with meaning!