Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Measure of Katie Calloway by Serena Miller

Reviewed by ~Mary

This 1800's version of Snow White is not only spellbinding but addicting as well. Although the storyline involves domestic violence, don't let that scare you away from what will turn into a historical love story on many levels, not just as it relates to romance.

After discovering the trap Katie Calloway's husband set for her that would have meant sure death, she realizes there is only one way to avoid the next beating and prevent her untimely demise. Katie leaves in the middle of the night with Ned, her younger brother, in search of a better life. Anywhere. Because anywhere was better than her Georgia home with Harlan. That life was predictable, yes, but knowing when your next facial bruise would be inflicted was no kind of life.

When Robert Foster, camp owner for a remote forest in Michigan, sees Katie and Ned in a restaurant, he offers her a job if she can prove herself a durable cook. When she presents him an apple pie less than 60 minutes later, she more than passes the test and prepares to ride North with Foster.

What Katie lacked in Harlan, she finds in Robert-sensitivity, compassion and the inability to strike a woman. When he demands the same from his workers, the stage is set for Katie's healing and a secured future. Before she rides off into the Michigan sunset she must face harsh weather conditions, the former cook's jealousy, environmental disaster, sickness, and yes, a predictable reunion.

Although it may seem as if Robert is the one doling out the healing, what Katie brings to his life can not be understated. When his past catches up with him and he faces the greatest test of his life, it is Katie encouraging him and offering Godly strength.

Rarely do I make the claim that a book was unforgettable with notable characters and a palpable sadness that follows the closing of the back cover. I can make those statements and still leave much unsaid. It has been several days since I finished Miller's sophomore book and I am still thinking about those characters. The Measure of Katie Calloway will sweep you away to an era long forgotten with the intensity of characters that will leave you breathless. You will smell bacon sizzling in the pan, sense the dripping of thick frosting over freshly baked Cinnamon rolls, and feel the tension during many of the difficulties and applaud the unspoken mutual love and respect each party has for the other.

Unforgettable, mesmerizing, extraordinary. Anything but common. It isn't everyday the reader can finish a novel and feel so satisfied yet hungry for more. The Measure of Katie Calloway is a feast for all senses and should be indulged in with caution and reverence, savoring each and every page. After all, the sequel will not be released until October of 2012. Author Serena Miller sheds light on the upcoming series by saying "This is actually going to be a three-part stand alone series, all set in the north woods of Michigan, and loosely tied in with the people you just met in the lumber camp."

Paperback: 316 pages
Publisher: Revell (October 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0800719980
ISBN-13: 978-0800719982
Product Dimensions: 8.4 x 5.5 x 0.9 inches