Monday, August 29, 2011

Show Notes!!

CC Hsia was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan where Buddhism is the preferred religious practice. Hsia did not embrace Buddhism, though. She did not believe in any one religion. When her coworker mentioned God, she didn't want to hear about it. Yet, God chased her and continually courted Hsia. One day as Hsia sat in the park, she cried out to God. She was depressed and asked for a sign to prove he was real. The below picture is the way he revealed his love for her.

Hsia says that as quickly as the heart in the sky appeared, it disappeared, barely there long enough for her to snap a picture on her cell phone. God would continue to reveal his love and personal interest in Hsia through many answered prayers. Her love and trust in God is remarkable considering she at one time did not believe in the power of anything or anyone beyond her own ability.

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