Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Show Notes!

Kim King is a visionary in that she sees the possibilities in change and takes advantage of the moment to create a new outreach or ministry that impacts her world. Not all ministries are long lasting, but just as Esther was placed into position "for such a time as this", we are placed startegically "for such a time as this." When the what-if's start monopolizing your thoughts, take action instead of entertaining everything that could go wrong. Bottom line, Kim says to "just jump in and do it." There is no such thing as failure when you try.

The recommended book for the week is Fast Media, Media Fast by author Thomas W. Cooper. From their press release:
FAST MEDIA, MEDIA FAST is an exciting guide for taking a liberating media fast in an age of increasingly fast media. It is the first book to provide readers a practical, user-friendly and thought-provoking guide to gaining a newfound control and understanding of their relationship with the media. This researched, seasoned manual provides specific guidelines, important areas for thought, creative options and life-changing opportunities.

FAST MEDIA, MEDIA FAST also shows how to take control of the media choices in our lives. This book is not a judgmental, media-bashing sermon, but rather an inspiring guide to cultural nutrition. In fact, most people do not typically choose to eliminate all media from their lives when they return from a fast, but rather make more informed and conscious choices about what to consume, how much, when, and why. Fasters also return more rested, revitalized, and thoughtful, often excited about new directions and purpose, or about being better organized and centered.

If you missed the show, it has now gone into archive and available for you here.

Next week, my guest will be Michael Mills. When an accident left him paralyzed at the age of 16, Michael did not give up. He is an athlete and over all inspiration to those blessed enough to be around him. Monday, the studio will become a "kill it" zone. Find out what that means when I talk with Michael Mills.

Remember, everyone has a story. Make sure you share yours.