Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18th annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics October 28-29, 2011

Matthews, N.C.—Southern Evangelical Seminary will host its 18th annual National Conference on Christian Apologetics on October 28-29, 2011 at Northside Baptist Church in Charlotte , N.C.

The conference will offer attendees the top speakers in America who will bring new insights on the issues Christians face in our country—in schools, businesses, the marketplace and in all aspects of life.

“Every day in the news, we see innumerable reasons why Christians today need to learn how to defend our faith intelligently and reasonably,” said Eric Gustafson, Director of Development at the Southern Evangelical Seminary. “The National Conference on Christian Apologetics has always offered the opportunity to learn from America’s experts on defending the faith, and this year, our 18th year of the conference, will be another chance to immerse ourselves in biblical truths and relate them to the myriad of events that are taking place in our country. Opportunities are endless when it comes to learning and applying Truth to our world and rationally explaining these truths to those who have questions about Christianity and the world at large.”

Speakers at the 2011 conference include:

· Frank Turek—Christian apologist, speaker and best-selling author is Master of Ceremonies for this year’s conference

· William Lane Craig—Nation’s leading Christian apologist, theologian, analytic philosopher, author of more than 30 books and head of “Reasonable Faith.”

· Josh McDowell—Founder of the Josh McDowell Ministry, best-selling author and speaker

· William Dembski—Author of “The End of Christianity: Finding a Good God in an Evil World”

· Gary Habermas—Christian apologist, historian, philosopher of religion, prolific author and lecturer

· Mike Licona—Apologetics Coordinator at the North American Mission Board and Research Professor of New Testament at Southern Evangelical Seminary

· Richard Howe—Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics and Director of the Ph.D. program at Southern Evangelical Seminary

· Greg Koukl—Founder and President of Stand to Reason

Southern Evangelical Seminary is a Christian college and seminary in Matthews, N.C., with a focus on Christian Apologetics. An updated and dedicated youth track is also a part of this year’s conference which is focused on teaching younger conference attendees how to defend their faith at school, with friends and in all areas of life.

Early-bird registration is $65 for adults and $35 for students. The cost after September 15 is $75 for adults and remains $35 for students.

For more information about the conference, visit or call (800)77-TRUTH.