Thursday, March 10, 2011

Download Riven for FREE!!

Download Riven for free

A young man with a troubled past . . .

A failed pastor rejected by those he wants to help . . .

Brady Wayne Darby and Thomas Carey couldn’t be more different.

One is a criminal whose worst crime is the one he’s about to commit; the other is a man hoping desperately to make a difference.

One diligently serves himself; the other diligently serves God.

And yet both are in dire need of grace.

Riven is a gritty, compelling, and gut-wrenching story of heartache and redemption.

Riven will remind you that the love of God can transform even the hardest heart.

Immerse yourself in the acclaimed story of a man who seems hopelessly lost before he meets the One who can save even the most troubled soul.

“This is the novel I’ve always wanted to write and is unlike anything I’ve ever written. My hope is that it stays with you long after the final page.”
Jerry B. Jenkins