Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!!

As 2010 slipped away forever, and 2011 gracefully made her way into being, I was renewed by the amazing power of God's existence in our lives. Sometimes we see it, sometimes it needs to be pointed out. Sometimes he chooses to remain anonymous, sometimes he uses all of heaven to present. Either way, he is real and the impact of this reality affects everything we do whether we acknowledge him or not.

It is through the written word that we base our relationship with God-we know him as the authors of the Bible have revealed him. We pursue our own relationship with him with the assurance that he loves us, just as he loved so many others. Modern authors through fiction have the same impact through their stories if we are willing to read between the lines. Opponents of Christian fiction believe it undermines God's power to create a fictitious story and expect readers to make changes based on the lack of fact. Jesus used parables to relate to his listeners and I believe using fiction to relate to readers has the same impact. Isn't that what a parable is-a moral objective dressed in fictional but relevant clothes?

I am excited about 2011. The reader base for Christian fiction continues to grow and even secular audiences are talking about what our authors are writing. God is real, and relevant and changing lives daily through the written word. It's not a waste of time to settle into your comfortable chair, occasionally sipping on your hot beverage of choice, and getting lost in a great Christian novel. Who knows the ways in which God will reveal himself to you through those pages?

As you read this year, pass on the titles of books that have in some way changed your life. If you find a Christian book is offensive or didn't quite live up to it's advertised standard, let the author and publisher know. As a reader you have the amazing power to shape what publishers release. They need to hear from you.

In the meantime, I will continue to pass on the titles to books I believe are worth your time. As an activist, you can count on me to contact publishers, giving them feedback on those that exceed or fall short of Christian standards. The written word is powerful-we have to protect and secure the standards that generate this power!

Have a great year, and enjoy your book!