Friday, March 05, 2010

I love to run. The runners high is a real experience for me. I hit a certain point when the adrenalin kicks in and then look out-there's no stopping me. I'd like to think I work the elliptical and not vice versa. So last night I am giving it a major work out. Everything about it was right and I am feeling that adrenalin rush when I notice a lady on the other side of the gym resting between sets. She's lifting free weights and it is obvious she is not enjoying the experience. Her head hangs over, shoulders slightly slumped, and I can almost read her mind as she dreads picking up those dumb bells and reclining for another set.

Ten minutes later I am caught in the middle of a conversation taking place next to me. The two engaged don't know I am part of it but by talking so close to me I can't help but overhear every word. They are both enrolled in the same college course and are dreading the upcoming writers class. Naturally, my ears perk at that comment. For me, a writers course would be the ultimate way to spend an evening, but I realize my passion isn't embraced by everyone.

It was hard not to connect the two experiences. One dreading her workout while I was consumed with mine and loving every minute of it. Two college kids dreading a course I would love to sit in on. Sometimes it takes the smallest of reminders to get my attention. When you love what you are doing in life, nothing can compare. Not only do I love working out, I love to write. I was reminded of this at a time I thought, only momentarily, I could step away from the keyboard and not miss it. The truth is, a part of me would slowly die if I quit writing, just as I would be one unhappy person if the elliptical suddenly disappeared.

It's times like this when I am convinced there is a God and he directs my steps one by one. It was foolish to think writing could become a thing of the past for me. For better or worse, richer (yeah, maybe one day) or poorer, I will continue to do what I've loved doing for over 30 years. It may only be in blog form, or it may be sitting on the shelf of your local bookstore, but by God it will be.

There may not be an adrenalin rush associated with writing but who cares, right? That's what that darned elliptical is for!