Saturday, November 07, 2009

It Couldn't Just Happen by Lawrence O. Richards

I originally got this book from the library to use as a reading book for home school, but quickly realized the material spanned so many aspects of creation and to such an in depth degree, I had to own it. Needless to say, I bought it to use as a text and reference book.

If you are a Christian parent, one of the challenges you face is disputing the Theory of Evolution that winds its way into your child's education at one point or another. One of the great aspects of home schooling is that I can teach my child everything and every subject based on God and his plan for our life. The cycle of life works hand in hand with nature and its elements, and those are not independent from God. This balance is due to the order God created-not as a by product. If you don't home school, your child will learn the opposite, nature dominated the beginning of this world and although the beginning was chaotic, the life cycle came to rest in perfect order, unity and in one accord with all forms of life. There was no plan in the beginning. There was no purpose-we just got lucky that the dust settled in a superior manner.

I don't know about you but the thought that I am a superior form of a monkey is humorous and insulting at the same time. Evolutionism has failed to answer questions regarding our evolution from an ape-why do we have artistic abilities and can reason at a higher level than our predecessors? If The Theory of Evolution is the answer, why aren't we still evolving? Why did we stop when the human form took shape?

Perhaps you have questions, too. It Couldn't Just Happen is a great tool in answering questions you have or those your children will no doubt be asking. Covering such topics as:

*evolution and the Theory of Evolution are two separate things
*Why Darwinism is now being questioned even by evolutionists
*The one question evolutionists can never explain
*Why mutualism and symbiosis can't be explained by evolutionists
*Dinosaurs, the flood, asteroids and other cataclysms

I love this book not only because it is written from a Christian stand point, but because it is not working from a religious foundation. It's not from a Catholic, Presbyterian or Muslim belief system. It operates off of the fact that God existed before us, created our universe and everything in it, and through this order created a perfect dwelling place for every form of life. Using the Bible as a reputable resource is not a religious idea, either, as the Bible is a reliable, historically correct document based on scientific evidence.

Here's the Proof-It Couldn't Just Happen is a must read for every Christian parent and should be table conversation for every Christian family. The belief that we were created is not a theory but a time tested factual and historically accurate event. Here's the proof.

Pub. Date: April 1989
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Format: Hard/soft cover 191pp
ISBN-13: 9780849907159
ISBN: 0849907152
Age Range: 7 to 12