Friday, October 16, 2009

Joseph:The Father's Journeys-A Journey from Nazareth by Mac McConnell

Joseph is packed with suspense, murder, romance and more from the tale of an unexpected father, to say the least. Joseph, the Fathers Journey completes Bible actor Mac McConnells Christmas to Easter trilogy, joining Hadad and Bozra.

Betrothed and yet betrayed. "Joseph, Im pregnant and the child is not yours." The words that ring in his ears all his waking hours. Where I come from this stinks worse than pigs. In fact where I come from I have the right, every right to drag her before the council and recommend she be stoned - to death. But, who am I fooling? I love her, I would never, but soon everyone will know. Shes showing already. Rumors will be all over town. I will be the laughing stock. First she says yes, then she leaves for three months and now Im supposed to believe the wildest story of all.

His heart is broken, yet aches for his first love. Only a miracle could save him - them. It didn't seem like anything from God when the Centurion brought the decree that ordered Joseph on a dangerous journey to Bethlehem. Should he take Mary? From cradle to cross, these Journeys are much more than Christmastime tales, Joseph completes the series of three men touched and changed for all eternity by the baby, the boy, the man Yeshua.

Hardcover: 128 pages
Publisher: One Way Books (October 15, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0980045134
ISBN-13: 978-0980045130