Monday, July 27, 2009

On fb?

Join a new group titled We Want Christ Brought Back to Christian Books.

It is my opinion that Christian publishers have been getting slack in sticking to what Christian really means. As a reader, reviewer and editor of Christian material, I'd like to see the bar raised. If you say it's a Christian book, I want to see the charactors struggling with and conquering their spiritual walk. Show, don't tell, how God can make a difference when you are struggling.

In fact, let me go a step further and say as a reader, I don't care what the charactors wear, what era they are from, what life was like or what their childrens names were. That adds depth to the story, but the main theme and only relevent issue needs to be that someone (as in the hymn Amazing Grace) was lost, but now they are found. (Thanks Georgeanne for your inspiration on this one)

If you are a reader, writer of Christian books or publisher of such and believe the same way, join the group. Make your opinion known and let's influence the industry to bring Christ back to Christian books.