Saturday, July 11, 2009

Noah by Nicholas Willems

Is it possible to live holy lives in the midst of a corrupt, violent and sinful society? What can you expect if God calls you to go against the norms of popular culture, thought and behavior? Is walking God’s way worth it?

In Noah these questions are answered. This fictionalized retelling of the biblical account brings to life the dynamic stories of people who learned through hard choices that believing and obeying God is the best way. The history of pre-Flood biblical characters is fleshed out through exciting backstories that make their lives real and immediate. The account of the lives of people such as Enoch, Methuselah and Noah, their wives and families, and the society and culture around them, makes the issues they faced contemporary and relevant.

Experience what life may have been like for the descendants of Adam after the Fall.
Learn how Enoch’s relationship with God became so strong that he didn’t have to taste death.
Understand the depravity and corruption of the pre-Flood culture.
Discover what made Noah the man for the job of building the ark.
Thrill at the mercy of God who provided every opportunity for repentance.

Fictionalized history, yes, but Noah is permeated with biblical truth that will strengthen your faith, and give you a drive to share that faith with others.

You will never look at the story of Noah and the ark the same way again.

Format Paperback
ISBN 1414111428
Publisher Pleasant Word-a division of WinePress Publishers.
Year 2008

Note-Although not a new release, this particular book intrigues me! I have not read it yet but look for it to pop up in the future on Marysworld with a review.