Monday, June 01, 2009

Meet the Review Team

As a historical fiction writer, Scott can powerfully connect modern readers to the medieval period. Through the research and developing of two novels, he has an understanding of historical content as well as a love for good wholesome books. His passion is to write clean novels that entertain, yet leave the reader with a central truth. He approaches his reading with a thoughtful and accomplished eye, always looking for the positive in what he reads. As a reviewer for Marysworld, Scott brings experience as a reader and writer and a desire to see Christian novels succeed to the table. You can count on Scott to give the low-down on Christian fiction using his signature writing style-that last minute twist-for delivery.

Mary just loves to read. From that love for books, and the desire to help Christian authors succeed, came the idea to read and review Christian books. Cutting to the heart of the book, Mary delivers an honest review that will spark interest for potential readers. She also edits content for manuscripts helping authors develop characters that will be memorable in future novels. It’s her passion to get Christian books into the market that will change the lives of readers. She brings that approach to Marysworld in suggesting and reviewing only those books that will impact readers to make positive changes.

Scott and Mary have collaborated on two novels-Ransomed Lives and A Pilgrimage of Time. Both novels written by Scott have been proof read and/or through a comprehensive content edit by Mary and are waiting for the next step in the publishing process. (Serious inquiries regarding the publication of either novel can be made to or by visiting his blog at Scott ) Their experience in writing and editing manuscripts, as well as keeping current with new releases promises Marysworld readers a professional and entertaining review every time.