Sunday, May 24, 2009

The SmartestWay to Save by Samuel K. Freshman and Heidi E. Clingen

The SmartestWay to Save is actually brilliant. Not in that it reveals top secret information, but because it is honest. Simply speaking, The SmartestWay to Save reminds you of a loving fathers conversation with his son regarding money. From cover to cover, you’ll find tips to saving on car shopping, clothes buying and grocery expenditures. You’ll see the best way to avoid credit cards and should you already have them? The smartest way to get rid of them.

Nothing disclosed that will shock the average reader, yet the secret to its success is nothing short of clever. What lies within the 200 pages of this green and yellow book is common sense. Yep. As simplistic as it sounds, not one page contains anything more than common sense. These are things we all should know. Yet, somewhere along the way, we forgot or perhaps just quieted the voice inside that tried to keep us out of spending trouble. When you break it down to the smallest seed of wisdom, it hinges on this. It’s not what you make that matters-it’s what you save. I know. How complicated is that? If you are willing to use a little, small, minute amount of self control, great gains can be made in your wallet.

Read page eight and figure out why you spend. Are you rebelling against parents that were penny pinchers? Is it easier for you to spend than build relationships? Do you feel you deserve luxuries because you work hard? (you can thank the media for that one!) Once you identify the reason, determine to stop spending and start saving. Do you have $20 a month you can save? Watch that add up to over $112k over the course of 40 years. Do you know that asking “What can you do for us on this?” can save when it comes time to buying appliances, purchase property insurance or any other purchase?

The goal is to save as much as you can, be smart about what you do spend, and enjoy life, knowing your finances are in your control and not controlling you. The SmartestWay to Save is highly recommended for those wanting financial freedom and the knowledge to getting it done.

Paperback: 248 pages
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
Publication Date: December 15, 2008
Language: English
ISBN: 141965683X