Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Light From the Manger by Marian H. Dautel

What a treat to open Light From the Manger and sample the various meanings of Christmas through a series of poems written by Dautel. Whether emphasizing the different names bestowed on him (wonderful, counselor, Prince of Peace) or describing what being home for Christmas will one day mean, Dautel removes the stigma of December 25th being a holiday and replaces it with true meaning. She lingers on the event, and how it changed those when it happened and has brought meaningful change into our lives today. She even laments that the common occurrence of hate and violence can’t cease for one day to rejoice in the miracle. From writing about carolers, to the nativity, to holiday loneliness and the family tree, Dautel gives a comprehensive view of Christmas from all angles.

Don’t misinterpret her focus though, as being one centered on one time of year. When you realize the true meaning of Christmas, it changes your perspective in all areas of your life. You’ll view the manger differently, and see the prophecy of his birth in a whole new light. As you grasp its implication, it will become a part of you instead of something you celebrate periodically.

What Max Lucado did for readers in writing about the cross, Dautel has done in writing about the manger. You’ll simply view Christmas differently.

Marian H. Dautel was a pastor’s wife for forty-seven years and wrote these poems as the family’s Christmas greetings. She was also the author of several Sunday School programs, Christmas programs, and special event programs.

Some of her works include “Through the Years with Mother,” “His Star,” “Truths from Trees,” and “Little Feet,” along with seasonal poems. Mrs. Dautel was one of four sisters in the Heberly Sisters quartet heard over WORK in York, Pennsylvania. She continued writing until a few months before her death at age 90.

Format Paperback
ISBN 1414112483
Publisher Pleasant Word
Year 2008