Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Daniel Unsealed by Daniel

As a book reviewer, you can either scan a book-especially nonfiction- and attempt to determine the underlying meaning or you can actually read it cover to cover. I have to admit, when I first opened Daniel Unsealed, I wasn’t sure which of these two approaches I would use. After all, prophecy is not light reading. But a funny thing happened while I was studying the charts and reading over copies of documents important in Jewish history. I forgot it was suppose to be heavy reading and found I could not close the cover. It is so interesting and expansive; you will not get bored while learning what Daniel conveyed through his prophecies. For a subject that should be approached slowly because of its depth and scope, you will find you can’t help but dive in and easily absorb the meaning to each prophecy.

The author-known simply as Daniel-is quick to assure that Daniel Unsealed is “an explanation of the chrono-specific prophecies in the Book of Daniel as understood by Daniel.” It is not his intent to pen a new doctrine or make a claim to fame through his interpretation. But that’s not to say his theories and explanations are to be dismissed, either. In fact, his revelations are the closest to making sense since Daniel originally delivered the prophecies thousands of years prior. When the author had his light bulb moment in 1974 after reading an account of the Six-day War, he plunged into the Biblical book of Daniel and spent the following decade studying Chapters 8 through 12. Daniel Unsealed is not solely an interpretation of those studies as he also explains the process that led to his interpretations. In the end, it leads to a greater understanding for the reader.

To see the layout of Daniel Unsealed, you doubt the author had any intentions of the reader perusing the pages and not studying the content. It is obvious there was as much emphasis placed on presentation as there was the compilation of the information. For this reason, I would recommend that Daniel Unsealed be used as a Bible study tool. Any church or organization that wants to seriously and actively engage in study and conversation about prophecy should not be without this book. Rich in Jewish history and complete with maps, time lines, and documents, the author Daniel made it painless in establishing a study format to go by. It would be senseless to exclude Daniel Unsealed from any prophecy related library.

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