Thursday, May 07, 2009

ArtScroll Wants to Help Get Kids Reading in May!!

NEW YORK, May 7, 2009 - In a move timed to coincide with National Children's Book Week, ArtScroll the world's leading publisher of Judaic literature -- has announced the introduction of Children's Jewish Book Month. According to ArtScroll vice president Rabbi Gedaliah Zlotowitz, the Jewish-themed literary event will, like its broader counterpart, take place every May and will feature related programs designed to get kids excited about books and reading.

"Children's Book Week was conceived 90 years ago as a way to introduce children to the pleasure and value of reading," observes Rabbi Zlotowitz. "Jewish Children's Book Month shares that goal but has the additional objective of introducing Jewish children to the many wonderful books out there that speak to their own culture and traditions."

As is true of children's literature in general, Rabbi Zlotowitz points out, the quality of Jewish-themed children's books has come a long way in recent years. The selections have grown to encompass a wide array of picture books, individual chapter books and books in a series - many by award-winning authors and illustrators. Jewish children's books generally feature Jewish characters who, through thrilling adventures or humorous escapades, manage to learn and teach important lessons.

"Experts agree that when it comes to getting a child hooked on reading-books themselves are the very best motivators, "Rabbi Zlotowitz points out. With summer vacation just weeks away, he notes, it is especially important to stock up on quality reading material for kids. "Studies have clearly shown that children who read during the summer months do much better in the following school year. But there's a lot of competition for our children's leisure hours in the summer. Keeping a collection of wholesome, entertaining and age-appropriate books around the house helps ensure that a child will set aside time for reading every day. "

Providing children with their very own stock of books create yet another incentive for reading. "There's nothing like having that favorite book up on a shelf, being able to return to some faraway place or exciting adventure whenever the mood strikes," the ArtScroll representative says. "And when parents purchase books for their children, it sends a message that they consider reading an essential and worthwhile activity.

"Supplementing their children's collections with Jewish-themed books sends a message
about the importance of Jewish values and ideas, as well. "

In honor of the inaugural Children's Jewish Book Month, Artscroll is offering a 30%
discount on all its children's books. The imprint's entire collection for children ages three through twelve can be viewed at