Thursday, April 23, 2009

Write stuff for authors.....

Marysworld is a culmination of many, many years as a reader, writer, reviewer and editor. I understand what it takes to bring an idea through the complicated process of writing, editing and then publishing. And then theres the PR needed to get the book to your local or Internet book shelf. There are many books that sit on dusty shelves, never to see the warm hands of a reader, only because there was a deficit in the PR process. On the other hand, as an editor, I see manuscripts that are remarkable and marketable that fall through the cracks because the right contacts weren't achieved. So call me an advocate for Christian fiction but you can also refer to me as the authors advocate. Connecting every possible dot in the process is crucial for authors getting their manuscript into the write hands.

I love Christian fiction! Not only can you meet and fall in love with godly-and not so godly-characters, you can be impacted by the plot to such an extent, your life will never be the same. Doubters were silenced when the Left Behind Series ran the New York Times Bestseller list for years. It's not necessary to preach on paper. A prime example shown through a fictional character is all the stroke of a pen needs to accomplish. I realized a long time ago that my passion to be impacted by a novel was shared by thousands. Millions. It is this passion that causes me to read, and write and edit and want to see marketable authors connecting with publishers. You will find reputable resources below that includes publishers and editors that specialize in Christian Fiction.

Rachelle at Wordserve is a freelance writer and editor that has been successful in both the publishing and broadcast world. By visiting her blog, you will understand what she is looking for in a Christian manuscript and how to contact her should you feel your work meets her criteria.

CAN-Christian Authors Network is an invaluable source and resource for the Christian author. "We are quite simply a group of authors who are passionate about getting Christian books in the hands of other book lovers. We love to write – but even more love to read."

WinePress Publishing Group is a thriving Christian Publisher with an impressive business ethic. Your manuscript will be handled with care by a company that maintains high standards. "In an industry where subsidy-publishing used to have a negative connotation, it was WinePress that brought the quality and professionalism to the job that gives it its current status as a positive and viable option for writers."

Bethany House Publishers not only specializes in bringing the Christian reader the best in print, they concentrate on marketability which is essential to the success of the book. "The purpose of Bethany House is to help Christians apply biblical truth in all areas of life—whether through a well-told story, a challenging devotional, or the message of an illustrated children's book. We are diligently committed to offering the best in editing, design and marketing to make each book as inspiring, challenging, enjoyable and attractive as it can be."