Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michal by Jill Eileen Smith

I have read several recently published books regarding King David in my study of his life. He was a fascinating man with complexities that ranged from human to near God-like. When thinking of David it is easy to conjure up images of the warrior, or the insatiable thirst for woman he possessed, or as some call him-the original worship leader. And, depending on what author you like, you could make a series of studies based on any of the qualities above.

One common mistake found in most narrations is the obvious absence of his life-span after defeating Goliath and before taking over as King. In fact, if you ask anyone to tell you about David, they will most likely connect the fact that he became King because he defeated Goliath. Although killing the Philistine started the ball rolling, it was not an isolated event that led to his royal future. Author Jill Eileen Smith makes use of her biblical novel Michal to connect the missing pieces.

In the first of The Wives of King David series, Smith recounts how Saul came to love, then hate David. How Michal married, then became "unmarried" from David. How David fled for his life, then was called back to comfort the one he fled from-repeatedly. It masterfully weaves a tale that is about love and war, but mostly about war.

If it wasn't for the war going on inside of Saul, events would have played out differently. If he could have submited to Gods plans and let David have the kingdom instead of fighting the jealousy within, unnecessary bloodshed could have been prevented. Easy to see from the armchair, though.

If Michal could have settled the war within her to control David and destiny, including the politics of Isreal, the things she tried to control would have been hers to begin with. But again, easy to see from the armchair.

If not for Smith's novel, Michal, I would have never understood Saul's emotional anguish. Nor would I have realized the intensity of war and battle. Michal is a love story, but a story that depicts how love can go astray when all the wrong motives are involved.

I can't wait for the second in the series titled Abigail and then the third Bathsheba. Smith writes vividly of events and how they may have transpired. There is an awareness and understanding missing in other texts that Smith single handedly conquers in Michal. To miss Smiths portrayal in Michal would insure having only half the story.

Paperback 384
Released March 2009
ISBN: 0800733207
ISBN-13: 9780800733209
Series: Wives of King David