Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Navy Justice Series by Don Brown

Navy JAG officer Zack Brewer and his colleagues pursue justice and truth in this 3-volume set. The series includes Treason, Hostage and Defiance.

Treason: When Muslim terrorists infiltrate the Navy Chaplain Corps, Lieutenant Zack Brewer, just three years out of law school, is pitted against the world's greatest defense attorney in the court-martial of the century.

Hostage: When terrorists attack, JAG officer Zack Brewer faces a deadly choice. Save the woman he loves or the lives of millions.

Defiance: The murder of an international attorney, the posturing of a power-hungry politician, the schemes of a psychotic stalker, and the high-stakes drama of a daring rescue mission: Navy JAG Lieutenant Commander Zack Brewer is in the spotlight and the danger zone.

Available April 5, 2009 through CBD

Note: the third in the series, Defiance, is currently no longer available as a solo buy. Buying this series is the only way to get Volume #3.