Friday, February 27, 2009

Lowlands Of Scotland Series by Liz Curtis Higgs

In the early years of 19th-century Scotland, redemption and romance play out in the family of McKie.

#1 Thorn in my Heart- In the pastoral 18th-century Scottish Lowlands, two brothers, Jamie and Evan McKie, seek their father's blessing and inheritance, but only one will receive it---and the hand of a beautiful woman. A thorny love triangle, sibling rivalry, parental manipulation, deception, and desire---it's all here in Higgs's powerful retelling of the story of Jacob and Esau.

#2 Fair is the Rose-Following up her bestseller Thorn in My Heart, Higgs takes you back to the 18th-century Scottish Lowlands, where gentle Leana and her bonny sister Rose vie for the love of Jamie McKie. Who will win? This unforgettable story of entwined lives, passion, faithfulness, heartache, and redemption parallels the biblical accounts of Jacob, Esau, Rachel, and Leah.

#3 Whence Came a Prince-Travel back to eighteenth-century Scotland for Jamie's long-awaited return to his ancestral home--a harrowing journey that tests the depth of his courage, the strength of his sword, and the tenacity of his vow to honor the Almighty at any cost. Jamie faces a perilous journey of the heart as well, for the two women he loves, Leana and Rose, each stake a tender claim on his affections.

#4 Grace in Thine Eyes-Davina McKie is a bonny lass of seventeen, mute since childhood and fiercely guarded by her belligerent twin brothers, Will and Sandy. When the lads are forced to depart the glen, Jamie McKie escorts Davina to the Isle of Arran, where her lively cousins, Catherine and Abigail, make her welcome at the manse. One moon-less eve Davina blithely entertains the gentry of Arran with her grandfather's fiddle, unaware of the dramatic turn her life is about to take. A story of passion and revenge, of lost innocence and shattered dreams, Grace in Thine Eyes explores the sorrow of unspeakable shame and the gift of immeasurable grace.

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Each book is approximately 490 pages
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