Friday, December 12, 2008

Financial Armageddon by John Hagee

There is a reason Financial Armageddon went from conception to bookstore shelf in a miraculous 6 weeks. This is the most important book in regards to the financial world currently offered. You can skip Bloomberg television with confidence. As author and pastor John Hagee points out, there are spiritual and prophetic-as well as financial-reasons for our current economic crisis.

Through God-inspired wisdom and knowledge, Hagee is the master of current events. With his understanding he explains how we got here, where we are now, and where the wise man will go from here. Being debt-free and succeeding financially is a choice, and highly attainable by following his principals. Hardly a book of crystal ball fortune telling, Hagee is clear to present where the Biblical writers prophesied our current events and points out how they nailed it with accuracy.

Financial Armageddon addresses topics of interest such as:
*Americas role in the future
*Who the “final four” (nations) will be
*Character traits of the anti-Christ
*Steps to halt Iran
*The danger to America if we stop protecting Israel
*Choices made that guarantee poverty
*Questions to ask if going into debt to make a purchase appears inevitable
*How being a giver allows you to be a gainer
*How to protect yourself from an economic crash

Hagee further points out:
*In the Bible a typical work week was 60 hours long. If you are working a 40 hour week, you are working part-time.
*The difference in self-interest and selfish
*Prosperity is a principle inspired by God-he blessed Solomon with an annual wealth (by today's standards) of over $65 million a year.

This book is relevant to anyone with financial investments, debt or an earned salary. For the skeptics, after reading Financial Armageddon, two points are indisputable: Biblical writers have prophesied current events and Hagee has his finger on the pulse-point of our financial world.

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144 pages
Frontline Publishers
Released November 11, 2008