Sunday, November 23, 2008

Step Inside-Where Stories Come To Life by Melea J. Brock

Story-noun-a narrative, either true or fictitious, in prose or verse, designed to interest, amuse, or instruct the hearer or reader; tale.

They can be mere words on a page meant to entertain. Or they can be messages that settle deep inside the soul and stir new life that precedes change.

Jesus taught using stories for good reason. As author Melea J. Brock points out, with a story, you don’t have to come back and say “Now what I mean is….” No, you can tell the story and leave the meaning to be contemplated by the listener. Story telling is needed. Story telling is necessary. The art of story telling has been captured in Brock’s book Step Inside.

As you open the book, the parchment like pages are reminiscent of a very special book, one that you want to treasure and protect. After reading some of Brocks stories, you realize this is one such book. As I settled into “The King Who Waits”, I realized how much wisdom and truth are woven into a good story. Whether demonstrating Gods desire to have a relationship with us, or humorously poking fun at the silly things we worry about, Brock knows how to communicate in a memorable fashion. She skillfully goes on to reveal the consequences of chasing after the greener grass, and reminds the reader that carrying around grudges in a “sack”, even while there is a loving father to intervene, can deplete life of what it should be.

I love her “get real” chapters, as I call them. They are the few moments in the book that she converses with the reader about the importance of Gods communication with us, how to discuss stories to get their full meaning, and how to remember our own story. She momentarily ceases telling the stories to shed light on why they are so important.

By the time you finish the book you wonder why there aren’t more gifted story tellers out there. Stories are essential. They keep us in touch with what’s real in life. We all require that reminder periodically. Grab Step Inside, read what Brock shares, and then contemplate your own story. If you are inspired to share even 1 story, hers or yours, a powerful piece of our existence will have been restored.

“May the story you live out today change someone”.

WinePress Publishing
released 2008
Paperback 156 pages (includes CD)