Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You!!!

Thank you to all the readers of MarysWorld! Since this blog was launched in July of 2006, there have been over 8,700 visitors. MarysWorld has morphed quite a bit in those 2 years, for sure. What started as a fight for injustice, morphed into a family blog, and then into my love of reading. Currently, MarysWorld is devoted to reading and reviewing the best in books, especially christian fiction. You can count on me to give you the 411 on the best in print.

Because MarysWorld is a little more focused and not so general, I have launched two sister blogs you may be interested in checking out. Jazz Jiants is devoted to my love of jazz music. I will be posting videos, concert information and websites for those "Jiants" in smooth jazz.

I also launched Hidden Treasure in defense of my first love: babies! It is inconceivable, excuse the pun, that babies would be anything but protected in this country. It's not only abortion that angers me. My pulse quickens at the mention of neglect, abandonment and abuse. This is the place I can defend and promote the wonderful aspect of life. Maybe offer a few alternatives, too.

A huge thank you, again, to those faithful readers of MarysWorld. I realize this isn't the type of blog that generates alot of comments, but my statcounter recognizes each visit and for all of them, I am grateful!