Monday, October 20, 2008

Get the story behind the story of many of our beloved hymns.

This, the Complete Book of Hymns lists over 600 as well as a brief example of each hymn. With background on the composer, the inspiration behind the lyrics, scriptural references for devotional consideration, and a sampling of the song lyrics, this book brings forth the message of these great songs of faith like never before!

From Amazon: Here is a sample entry that I opened to randomly: I Need Thee Every Hour. We learn the hymn was written by a 37-year-old Brooklyn housewife while she was busy with her household chores. She could closely feel the nearness of God, and she sat by an open window and wrote out all the verses. When she gave them to her pastor, he wrote the chorus and the music. Evangelist Dwight L. Moody discovered the hymn and began using it in his meetings, which led to it becoming famous. After that background information, we are given several Bible verse references (not the text of the verses themselves) related to the hymn's topic (Psalm 86:1-4, Psalm 109:22, Philippians 4:19), the themes of the hymn (prayer, meditation), and then the lyrics of the hymn.

Hardcover 704 pages
Tyndale House Publishing
Publication Date: July 2006