Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ice Cream in the Cupboard

My husband, a total non-reader, called me early this morning to tell me to turn on the radio to hear an interview. It was with Pat Moffit in regards to his new book Ice Cream in the Cupboard. The true story depicts his wife's battle with Alzheimer's which in the end, becomes his battle, too. Together, they raise five children before any symptoms occurred, however, the early 50's by any standard is still early to be battling any disease. It started with a thrown lobster in his face in Jamaica and ends with the heart breaking decision to place her in 24 hour nursing care. Still alive, she is visited by Moffit twice a week although she doesn't know who he is anymore. And for him, that is the worst part of it.

He is quick to point out in his interview that it was love at first sight and that regardless of her state, he is still in love and married in every way to her. It reminded me so much of Nicolas Sparks "The Notebook." Ice Cream in the Cupboard is a love story that is honest and as innocent as pure love. This will encourage caregivers everywhere, as well as demonstrate that real love is truly about "for better or for worse".

Note: I heard the interview on a christian radio station and recommend based on the radio interview and content.