Thursday, August 28, 2008

Totally off topic and A Tribute to my Friends

Being the good reviewer that I try to be, I get lost in researching, reading and reviewing. It is time consuming and I often think about my cyber friends but rarely mention them, let alone visit their blogs lately. Not that I don't care. I owe alot to my blog-buddies. So today, I will set my reviewer hat on the computer desk and instead, pay tribute to those that make blogsville a classy place.

Tom aka Dad has gone into a deep political mine field that most wouldn't dare go. He speaks not from hear say but from experience. Politics stink, to put it mildly. Sadly, it isn't about American spirit anymore. Or even wanting to do service to the people. It is, well, about money and power and a personal agenda. I believe the change that is promised will not return us to our roots but instead, take us about as far from them as it gets. OOPPPS. Am I talking politics now? You can take this post from Tom to the bank. Bookmark it.

Speaking of American spirit Cary is about as spirited as it gets. Funny thing, he is posting about his cyber buddies today, too, so you can add to your friend list by checking him out. (I swear, I started this without looking at yours first. Great minds think alike, though, right?) It's a great site to visit. And remember....TMBWITW means the most beautiful woman in the world. Naturally, his wife. :-)

Texas Fred is also a political buddy of mine. Don't visit there unless you want a no holds barred approach to politics. Your computer will sizzle for sure.

DG aka Political Pistachio is a writer who is all about politics but writes from a christian perspective. He also is on Blogger Radio.

Another writer who writes from a christian perspectve is
Scott. Not only can you read about his opinion on various topics, you can also read excerpts from his yet-to-be published novel A Pilgrimage of Time. Awesome book.

Dr. A has a wonderful site whether you like medicine or not. He posts alot on public health issues and his frustration as a dr. He's also on Blogger Radio and handles grand rounds. I had the honor of interviewing him for my blog two years ago when marysworld was more of a free style blog. I haven't forgotten his kindness in allowing me the interview. Thanks, Doc!!!

My new friend in blogsville is LaShaunda. She devotes her blogs to promoting authors as well. I love this lady!!! Her blog is really well done. She motivates me to do so much more with mine.

There are others, and if I have left you out, forgive me.

To my fellow bloggers: keep on keeping on. We have something to say and by sharing, we keep this great nation what it is.