Saturday, August 02, 2008

Peek inside the future

Scott has posted the prologue to his novel "A Pilgrimage of Time". It can not be overstated how intruguing this writer is. As one who has had the privelege of sampling his work, I am confident his novels will one day rest briefly on the shelves of the local Christian bookstore before being wisked off by a reader that has anticipated its release. Even Bethany House and Crossings will wait with baited breath as it rolls off the press and is enroute to their warehouses. Online bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble will smirk as they list is as their #1 bestseller, topping even works by Michael Crichton, the Left Behind Series, or John Grisham.

If you somehow doubt my ability to report the future of this novelist accurately, take a look. Read his work. Critique it at every level. You'll find that even as a cynical reader, you will embrace his style quickly and be involved in the charactors in record time. It is a challenge. One I pose to readers, other writers and authors, and hopefully, publishers ready to meet the next peoples author.

Because we all know popularity is what sells novels. And I am staking my reputation as a reviewer on Scott. He will, by every definition of the word, be popular.