Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hot Summer Reads at Sizzling Prices

My Heart Remembers by Kim Vogel Sawyer is about 3 Irish children adopted by different families following a fire. As one comment on Amazon stated, when you can read this book in 2 sittings, you know it's a good one. An emotional, 5-star read.

The Devotional Bible by Max Lucado is written in the New Century Version with articles and writings from Lucado, "Life Lessons" in the margins, Bible study questions, a reading plan, a two-year devotional plan and so much more. On sale at Crossings for only $15.99 this is a real-deal.

Christian Book Distributors has several deals themselves to take advantage of right now:
Wide Awake written by Erwin McMamus, founder of writes an awakening book about living wide awake instead of just going through life on auto pilot. Learn how to realize and live your personal passion, which is the key to fulfilling your purpose here.

Dr. Timothy Johnson has written a personal account of "Finding God in the Questions" and CBD has it on sale for $2.99. Dr. Johnson, a long-time medical contributor for ABC's Good Morning America and physician explores God's significance and how his faith helped to shape his career.

CBD also has two power-house volume sets on sale not to be missed. Jim Cymbala, pastor of Brooklyn Tabernacle tells the story of how God expanded his ministry in the 2-volume set "Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire" & "Fresh Faith" on sale for $9.99. The "Bells of Lowell" series written by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller is in a 3-volume set on sale for $7.99. I read this series a few years ago and could not put these books down. They are well written with fully developed charactors that you relate to from page 1. The story taken from 19th century Lowell, Massachusetts where several women work in the textile factories. Historical fiction at its best, you simply can't miss the chance to grab these 3 for such a low price.

Bethany House has listed the following books (reviewed previously on Marysworld) on their best seller list:

The Forbidden by Beverly Lewis

The Parting by Beverly Lewis

A Womans Place by Lynn Austin

So grab a tall glass of southern iced tea and a fan and sit down and enjoy some of the best in print at an economically friendly price!!

PS. Speaking of economically friendly, read an excerpt from Scott Higginbotham's A Pilgrimage Of Time for FREE!! A great way to sample his work and understand why his writing is absolutely engrossing.