Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just What the Dr. ordered

As a long time lover of medical fiction, (think Robin Cook) I went on a search to find some great christian medical fiction.

Harry Kraus I became familiar with his work while reading the trilogy, Could I have this Dance, For the Rest of my Life, and All I'll Ever Need in which he shed light on Huntingtons Disease. His writing is medically accurate which is important to me. I entered the medical field at the age of 8 through the local library and ended up working the ER and Radiology Department. Being a book lover, it's easy to spot the wanna-be's through their inaccuracys. Not this author. I found him very interesting.

Hannah Alexander was another author I fell in love with. Unfortunately, alot of their best medical work published through Bethany House is out of print. Look for the Healing Touch Series and the ER series through Amazon. I checked and their used book sellers do carry these books at a fraction of the full price. Well worth the effort to locate their books, they are also medically accurate and vivid in their descriptions of hospital scenes and happenings. I fell in love with their writing immediately. By the way, Hannah Alexander is a pen name for the writing collaboration of Cheryl and Mel Hodde.