Wednesday, April 02, 2008

sTORI Telling

Perhapes I am one of only a few that has never watched a complete 90210 episode. Or knew that Tori Spelling was in so many made for TV movies that she earned the nickname queen of tv movies. Or Monday night movies. Or however it went. That part wasn't important. What I did find intriquing was that in all of her perceived potential, she just wanted to be, GASP!, normal. That's right. Like you and I and store bought Halloween costume normal. To take advantage of Aaron Spelling's notoriety was beneath her. She fought to get beyond being a Spelling and show Hollywood what she, Tori, could do.

And there is the book in a nutshell. Her fight to overcome the showy, Hollywood lifestyle. Her fight to overcome jealousy stemming from, and differences with, her mom, and her fight to find love. The I-can-be-myself-around-you kind of love.

Spelling is opaque enough that you wince while reading some parts, laugh at others, and repeat "Oh my goodness" atleast a dozen times. It is not what you would expect from her. Which is what makes the book a total surprise. It is honest without being gossipy or tabloidish. Frank without calling you into her cornor of the ring.

At the end of the day, all that matters is being loved and being accepted. And that is what Spelling has. Marriage, motherhood and a life she can finally embrace. Stori Telling will make you tune out the world and into who she really is. A read-in-one-sitting book that will not be put down until the last page is turned. Don't put on the tea kettle. You won't hear the whistle.