Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"There is no stronger hate then christian love"

Last week on ABC's "the View", Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O'Donnell once again entangeld over the war in Iraq. O'Donnell has since said "buh-bye" to The View and has refused to finish out her remaining 3 weeks. You know where I stand on the issue of Rosie. I believe that she can dish it out but can't take it. I believe she blames everyone for not accepting her sexual orientation if they disagree with her on any point. I believe she is as liberal as it gets, expecting even conservatives to gladly embrace her ideas and if they don't, it is the conservative that is bigotted. Not her. She makes no room for anothers ideas. Instead, conform to hers or you are a bigot.

But, let me not make this entry about the morality of Rosie. Instead, let me blog about a comment left on a board of discussion regarding this issue.

"There is no stronger hate then christian love"

Because Christians have an opinion that contrdicts librealism, we have become a "stronger hate". I perceive this is said because we don't just accept and embrace anything. But what about the Rosie's of the world that do not embrace, respect or accept morality? What about those that refuse to let conservatives hold fast to their beliefs? Should the christians then say "There is no stronger hate than liberalism?" The way this comment reads, if christians don't embrace liberalism, it is a hate crime.

What has happened to us? First, there became another ideal presented besides morality. That was bad enough, but now, if you don't embrace it, you are accused of hating.

In other words, Christians are marked according to how much liberalism they embrace. Is that fair to expect one religion to leave its frame of existance and demand that they abandon their truths to conform, otherwise they are hateful?

If this country is indeed open to all religions and mindsets, we need to embrace all. That is my argument with Rosie. That is my argument with the author of this comment. If conservatives are to accept the liberal ideas, liberals must accept the ideas of conservatives. Otherwise, who is the one with the stronger hate?