Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Prodical Comes Home

Breaking his silence in this autobiographical account, Michael English explains what really happened in 1994 when he lost face in the christian community. English fell. Shocking. Musicians, and ministers, and others in the public eye aren't suppose to. They are suppose to possess some magical potion that keeps them above failing. Or falling. There is a portion of the christian community-the part that is too spiritual to even contemplate having human temptations-that will say he deserves to remain a prodical. They will say this book is an attempt to play on the emotions of the reader and earn forgiveness. They will say he fell, therefore, it's over. He deserves no second chance. They will not approve of the book.

For the rest of the christian community-the part that understands to err is human and God forgives-this book will be refreshing and embraced as an example of God's forgiveness and restoration. English is brutally honest-at times, the information gut wrenching and soul bearing. He leaves nothing to speculation. He says, in essence, 'I messed up' and goes on to explain his long road to recovery. It wasn't, as he put it, an immediate 'road to Damascus' experience, but instead a long process.

He deserves a chance to share his story in the very venues that supported him pre-1994. In fact, his message is stronger because now, he has alot to say. You can't read the book without realizing he succombed to normal temptations. He wasn't this hard core criminal, yet the press, and unfortunately the christian community shoved him onto an isle for misfits. The christian community as a whole needs to wake up after reading this account and realize we have let many down. Those that fall don't need condemnation or judgement. They need what we all need, love. Isn't that the gospel message in a nutshell?