Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Political Rant for today

There is a natural flow to life. To upset that flow it to ask for complications and ultimately problems.

As a super power country, we, as citizens of the United States, have convinced ourselves that we're above reproach. Anything goes, and hey, it's ok since we now live in a land of "political and moral correctness". We embrace all theories and don't worry, your theory is safe with us because we allow anything. It's the land of opportunity. Pick an ideal and go with it. This is a mindset that has destroyed our countries wealth of freedom, security and progress. When you compromise a countries morality, you compromise everyhting you hold precious.

Here is one, only one, example of how we've done this. Take an individuals belief in God. Our country says "Pick a God, any God." Pray to it, embrace it's made up ideals. It's ok. In fact, we will no longer openly acknowledge the one true God so your God will fit in without feeling inferior. Our Ten Commandments are off the wall, we will no longer pray to the one true God outloud, we'll just have a moment of silence because hey, this is America and we allow you to embrace anything you want. Anything goes.

Thank you, Clinton administration, for introducing political correctness. Speaking of the "C" administration, Hillary (SURPRISE!!!) threw her hat in the ring for the '08 Presidential election. A woman running our country is another upset in the natural flow of things, but I won't get into that argument lest I inflame the feministically indignant. Remember, Hillary had her own scandels back in the day that Bill was busy bailing out his tail from the tar. She believes anything is tolerated as long as the people are happy. She'll copy Bill by fattening our wallets so we're busy spending while she does what she wants. I am weary of "diversion tactics" by the Clintons. Watching her interview with Charles Gibson on ABC yesterday confirmed things have not changed. When asked a yes/no question point blank, she could not give a yes/no answer. Gibson reminded her it was a yes/no question and asked it a second time. Again, she could not give a yes/no answer. It was all too familiar. Did she learn from Bill or did Bill learn from her?

America is ready for a change-true. Just be careful how you go about implementing the change. There are worse scenerios our country could be in. I fear God more than terrorists. To find myself living in a country that has shot itself in the foot because it got full of it's own power is disheartening. The morale of the country may be low, but it beats having our morals at an alltime low. Vote for Hillary and you swap one for the other.