Saturday, December 02, 2006

Time Management

Time Management. How many times have you heard this phrase used? Time management courses are taught. Time management books are published. The theory is this. IF you manage your time wisely, you can get alot more done.

Think about it for a minute. IF you manage your time.....what does that mean? I mean really, at the heart of it is the implication that if you keep moving, and stay busy, you'll be using your time effectively and managing it well. Don't slack, don't channel or internet surf, don't take too many breaks, stay focused. To me, it's another clever way of saying "Do more". Get more done by constantly moving. This totally goes against the way nature works.

We are designed to take breaks. We need breaks..not necessarily physical but definately mental breaks. You can not keep your mind running non-stop for 14 hours a day and then with the click of the bed side lamp think your mind will automatically shut off and sleep. Your body does not work on demand. That is my problem with time management. It assures you that you can get more done in less time. Yeah, but those that actually subscribe to this theory stay in motion constantly. That's counter productive.

I think a better way of teaching time management would be this.

Pick and chose what matters the most to you and do that. Don't think of everything you want to accomplish in life and demand it gets done today. Don't put yourself under the pressure of being every woman (or man). (Somebody should let Whitney know she cursed us with that song instead of liberating us.) We are not designed to be everything at all times. Simplify things. Only do the necessary and important things. And then enjoy life.

Enjoying life is a lost art. The day and age of long casual dinners are gone. Even if you have the time, you are so geared up from going all day, trying to sit for an hour is like taming wild horses. Taking a long walk and watching the sun set or rise is no longer on the to-do list. Walk when you can ride??? Get up early to sky-watch when you need that time to manage your priorities?

If you still want to attend courses on time management or read the books, let me know what you learn. You'll find me taking a long walk, kicking up the autumn leaves and breathing in crisp air.