Saturday, December 09, 2006

Side Dish Not Good Enough for Main Meal

Wendy Williams writes for the weekly tabloid Life and Style. In her short column-side dish!- in the Dec. 18th issue, she writes:

Cameron and Justin won't wed!

Everyone went into a tizzy when Cameron Diaz told Ellen DeGeneres she didn't want to ruin a good thing with Justin Timberlake and marry him. I've got to say, I love that! They're a couple who make their own rules when it comes to romance and couldn't care less what people think or say. They are obviously so secure about what they have and are in no rush to go down the aisle. Frankly, I think more Hollywood couples should follow their lead!

Here is my disclaimer. I believe there is nothing more sacred than the institution of family. I believe you don't stand a chance of surviving in a relationship unless God takes center stage. (We tend to be too selfish in nature) I believe in virginity, and secondary virginity. (If you've lost yours, you can still remain sexually pure until you have entered a marriage. This works for those that have never been married and for those that have been and are now single.) Which is why Williams brief statement has me really upset.

According to her, Hollywood isn't corrupt enough. Unless you are shacking up, avoiding a commitment since that appearantly ruins things, you don't have this whole relationship thing right. If I understand Williams correctly, her idea of a perfect world would be that everyone live like Hugh Hefner. She has given us all permission to have a sexual relationship with anyone we want, but the rule is, we can't make a commitment since that ruins the relationship. Wow. Our society is really progressing.

If I had a daughter, I would explain the reasons this Hugh Hefner mentality wouldn't work.

1. It removes God totally from the relationship giving you a 100% chance of having no success in having a God-blessed union.

2. A sexual relationship outside of marriage in itself leads to a lack of commitment. If you have had sex with another without the binding agreement of marriage, you can walk out anytime you want. How does a trial run of having sex without a commitment lead you to a committed relationship in the end? Isn't a committed relationship the goal of everyone? Sowing a lack of commitment does not reap a committed relationship down the road.

3. A Hugh Hefner mentality leads to a lack of self esteem. If you are willing to give of yourself in the bedroom without demanding that the gentleman commit to you outside of the bedroom, you gave away your most personal possession in vain. You took your pearls and cast them before the swine.

4. If you don't demand respect, you won't get it. Giving away sex as a treat will not earn you respect, or a committment. It earns you a reputation.

5. Since the goal of life is to find and marry the one that you can share your life with, even in Hollywood, how does a relationship without committment lead to either one of those?

I find hope in the fact that Williams stated that "everyone went into a tizzy" over Diaz's remarks. GOOD!! I'm glad to see there are still those that believe in the family, believe in the sanctity of marriage and aren't willing to sell out just because a Hollywood celebrity decides to make their own rules. Williams got one thing right. Timberlake and Diaz probably won't marry. And I'd bet anything they won't last either.