Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rosie's View Challenged

Rosie O'Donnell had her say. Again. Only this time, she took on The Trump. After Donald Trump announced that Ms. America would get a second chance and keep her title, Rosie slammed him on ABC's The View.

Everyone has an opinion. Some are more vocal in expressing theirs. And when you do that, you come across as obnoxious. Which is what the viewers of The View have been saying since O'Donnell joined some 3 months ago. Her outspoken manner is not a positive charactor trait. It is annoying, expecially when she couples it with the ability to make you believe any other opinion besides hers is just plain wrong. Arrogance. She will not admit that she needs to quiet down. She will not concede that yes, it is not always right to speak your mind. Instead, she turns it into an anti-gay argument. If you don't agree with her, it can't be that maybe she's wrong, it's obviously because she's gay. If she weren't, you'd be in agreement with her.

I'm sure the producers of The View are second guessing their decision to bring her aboard the round table. Why they believed she would be their saving grace is beyond me. Hey, I don't have the experience in television that Ms. Walters has, but even I knew Rosie would be a stick of TNT blowing up at will.

There is a lesson here, beyond the obvious. Everyone has an opinion, but that doesn't mean it's meant to be voiced. It takes wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen. The more you talk, the less you will be heard. Rosie, it's time to do less talking and more listening. We aren't impressed with your opinions anymore. We don't like you in our face over every little issue and we have no tolerance for you turning everything into an anti-gay argument. You don't represent as many as you think. To make it in this world you learn how to get along, how to be a peacemaker. Not one who divides.

It's your choice. Be the problem, or be the answer.