Friday, December 01, 2006

It's Friday.....and I lost a week or two Somewhere...

You won't believe the adventure I've been on. I received a call from Buckingham Palace 2 weeks ago. It seems Charles was interested in some of my posts and requested that I meet with him ASAP. So I flew to London....oh, you're not buying it?

Ok. I went skiing the weekend before Thanksgiving and went to the very top....the slopes that are marked by a skull sign. Anyway, me being the brave one I am was up to the challenge. I took the lift up, jumped off and flew down that slope......not buying that one either, huh?

Ok. When Hillary heard I had some choice words for her, she had her secretary propose we have a meeting of the minds. We met. She was impressed with my knowledge of all things political and offered me a position within her camp. YEAH. RIGHT.

Ok. The truth. When you start blogging, it's kind of like a relationship. You can't wait to check your page, check your stat counter, check your are constantly on the look out for something to blog obsess almost in thinking about it. To the point it becomes a second job. Yet, you still love it. Then one day you have a talk with yourself and remind yourself that there are other projects you really could and should be doing. So you break it to "the blog" as gently as possible that you still love it, but it's time to see other things and do other projects. It's time for that "distance". That is where I've been. Oh, it hurts to make that confession, that I actually got to the point of having "the talk" with "the blog", but I imagine it happens to any newbie.

So I'm back.....ready to take on the world again after a much needed break. Don't tell "the blog" though. I don't want it to take me for granted. :-)

Sad to hear that Greg "Wiggle" Page is leaving the Wiggles. The Wiggles became a staple in our home when Jonathon was under a year old. He loved their songs and I have to admit we watched it so much I found myself humming and singing the songs while driving and doing housework. Hubbie told me one day to not turn them on so much at night because he was singing the songs at work. Unfortuantely, Greg has become ill and needs to retire from the Wiggles. I visited his home page and found the above photo of him out of uniform. Clothes definately make the man.Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Greg!

Now that we are between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are smack in the middle of "THE Holidays". Not that most retailers and radio stations actually wait for Thanksgiving to begin....I saw Christmas decorations in stores while shopping for Halloween. And the radio stations began playing 24/7 Christmas music a week before Thanksgiving. One Atlanta radio station actually advertised that they don't start playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving..."we listen to what our listeners want". Crazy!!

And, in case you are one that finds pain involved in the holidays, you are not alone. I can't remember the stats and percentages, but there are alot of people that don't associate pleasent things with Santa's impending trip. I remember one year was extremely tough for me. Alot had happened right before Christmas and I stared at a decorated Christmas tree thinking "Everyone else is able to enjoy the holidays-theirs hasn't been ruined like mine" but I was wrong. Sometimes, there can be so much pressure placed on this time of year that a person can feel "abnormal" if they don't have a warm, peaceful, giddy feeling. My advice is to not place alot of expectations on yourself or the holidays. If you don't get that peace-on-earth feeling, don't worry. Take it one day at a time, and remember, the season will be over in 31 days...and counting. (But if you're like me, don't feel bad if you take the tree down on Dec. 26th instead of Jan 1st. Or later. I'll leave the blogging about those that leave up their decorations until June for another day.)

To those that are reading this and didn't give up on Mary's World, Thank You! Now, back to work and finding something to blog about...........