Thursday, November 16, 2006

They did it to Kevin Trudeu...They'll do it to Suzanne

While channel surfing last night I see Suzanne Somers on Larry King. She is clearly on the defense while her new book "Ageless" is being attacked. It appears the AMA is getting nervous because she, along with several medical doctors, have cited the benefits of bioidentical hormones. This always happens. The AMA gets upset whenever anything else works besides the standard pharmaceutical drugs. They see profits leaving their deep pockets and start a slanderous campaign. Of course their arguments sound reasonable. Of course they will stake their medical license on the information they recite. But that's all they do-recite information told to them by pharmaceutical companies about their drugs.

ANY, and I mean ANY drug you take by prescription, bought from a pharmacy that does not specifically state it is from a natural source has an adverse side affect. You will always switch one medical concern for another, and most of the time it involves the liver. But if you try a natural suppliment, or a natural product that has no side affects, what happens to the iron arm of America, the pharmaceutical companies? The AMA never has patients or the benefits of drugs in mind when they wage war against something or someone. It is always a defense mechanism. They do not want you well, they want you sick and dependant on their drugs. Which is why their attack against Suzanne and her recent book is ridiculous.

It reminds me of playground tactics. The school bully is threatened by the new boy in school so he tries to stir up contention among the class on the playground. Same tactics the AMA is engaging in. Don't tell me they are concerned about regulations. They are concerned about their profits....something that any publically traded company worries about. They were successful in temporarily stopping Kevin Trudeu..they'll do it to Suzanne. In the meantime, I hope this works as free publicity for her and that it generates enough interest in her book to sell out in every bookstore.