Wednesday, November 15, 2006

OJ Discusses How He "Would Have" Killed

So this is how we prove our innocence. We talk about how we would have killed, proving we didn't commit the original murders. This sounds like another OJ doing. When I read this, I was thinking I was short a cup of coffee and just wasn't getting it, but then I realized I was on my second one. So. OJ is back in the news laying out his strategy to prove he is innocent. Doesn't the thought that he has an idea of how he would make you think he is fully capable of premeditated murder? Isn't he taking the noose and not only putting it around his own neck but tightening it just a notch? And the stupid part of it is that a book publisher actually let him pen a book entitled "If I did it". The interview preceding the book will be aired on FOX. Hopefully, FOX just wants to bring him into accountability. I can't believe they would condone this book.

I don't know. Maybe I need another cup of coffee before this makes sense. Maybe I'll brew another pot.