Thursday, November 09, 2006

"The Morning After" and other musings

It's the morning after the BIG confirmation that the Dems are now in control of both House and Senate. Whew! Now we can get this country headed back in the right direction. (dripping with sarcasm) Good decision making, having the right answers and morality are not owned by one political party. Frankly, having Pelosi in any power-position scares me. After all, a female with a designated amount of power causes more damage than a male with the same amount of power. And you heard that from a female!!

I have just reviewed "God's Politics" on Book Report. Jim Wallis gives a debatable but impressive argument on how the media has succeeded in confusing our christian responsibilities with politics. Where is the line drawn? He also emphasises many key points from both parties. Considering politics are here to stay, and the forceful secular message that politics and religion must mix, it is a good source of information. He is not pro one party or the other, rather bringing the christian focus back on helping the poor and other christ-centered duties instead of tax breaks, education and other political platforms.

On a lighter note, last night while hubby and I were out to eat, I had a red-in-the-face moment. Right before we left the restaurant, I did the girly-thing by using the bathroom. (Girls-it's drilled into our head from infancy. Right before you leave to go anywhere, you are asked and later ask yourself "Do you need to go to the bathroom before we leave?") So yes, I did. Now the neon, bathroom sign on the wall was above a door. Going through the door, you find yourself in a hall with the first door on the left bearing a sign with a stick-figure in a dress, and the second door bearing a sign of a stick-figure in a suit. I entered the first door, did my thing, and turned the knob to leave. Only the door didn't open. This is the worst thing that could happen to a sometimes hyperchondriac, claustrophobic, person. The room gets smaller as I try again and again to open it. I didn't have my phone on me so I couldn't alert hubby sitting at the table some 10 yards away that I am stuck in a bathroom. I decide to give it my all, lay my shoulder into the door and push as hard as possible. It worked. The door gave way and I found myself face to face with our dining neighbor, heading toward the mens room. His hand flies up to protect his face stating "Whoa!" as I go barrelling through the door. I couldn't even look him in the eye as I apologized and walked back to our table. It wasn't until he re-entered the dining room that I find it funny and begin laughing. How would he explain any injuries had his hand not reflexed in response to the door flying open in his face?

Patient-"Well, dr. I was walking down the hall to the mens room and the women's bathroom door flew open and gave me this black eye."

Dr.-"How many drinks did you have prior to the trip to the bathroom, sir?"