Monday, November 06, 2006

Legal to Murder the Disabled?

One thing I learned while giving pro-life talks at our church years ago was that New Zealand sets the precidence for issues regarding life. After they institute something, the rest of the world follows. Case in point a much talked about issue regarding euthanasia is once again buzzing around the world. Britain usually follows New Zealand.

I wonder though. In this article doctors may have the power to kill a disabled baby.
*What constitutes "disabled"?
*Does the doctor have the power to do so even if the family objects, or will this be presented to the family as an option?
*Isn't this just a glorified tag-along on the coat tails of late term abortions?

When we justify murder by placing conditions on the act being ok, we become a Hitler type of society. But then again, in so many ways we are. Women have implants because it's unpopular to have a normal size chest. Botox is available to get rid of pesky signs of aging. Medical euthanasia can be used to put a suffering patient out of misery. Don't believe it is happening? Ask anyone who's worked in a hospital if meds are given or with-held to aid the passage of death. It's been going on for generations. Now let's add murdering the disabled to the list. All the disabled will do is use precious machinery and meds that others could be using to get better. The disabled will cost society millions, take up beds and cribs others need. Convincing, huh? We are leaning toward a "perfect" society, where anything less than what is dictated as perfect is not acceptable.

We place a man behind bars that murders a college student and we'll paste his face all over the nightly news yet doctors want the right to do the same thing without the punishment. Help me understand.