Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tom's Blogger Spot A Must Read

In a big way, Tom's Blogger Spot hits the nail on the head! We finally get a fair and balanced analysis of what's wrong and a direction on how to fix it. Don't expect political jargon here. Just straight, honest observations and answers. He writes:
This country is in trouble. Not because of Iraq or Osama. It's not because of the cost of fuel or the cost of living or the cost of anything. It is not because of politics or amnisty or immigration. America is in trouble because she continues to drift away from her self respecting way of living. As the moras of the people changes, so too does the country change from a stable rule of law and understanding body, to a permissive society in which practically anything goes and the motto is "push the envelope". I believe that the character of the people that form the nucleus of our nation continues to teach itself to rationalize the unacceptable into common reality. I hope it is not too late to change back to our previously held view of family values, marriage vows and respect for each other. An election will not cause this change, it will require a change in perception of right versus wrong, not left versus right.

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